Adapt your SCF, improve working capital, and gain competitive edge with our futuristic Open Marketplace, powered by the best digital tools

The Tallyx platform enables Buyers to get extended payment terms and better control over their supply chain. Our digital tools, AI engine and blockchain based platform help to improve your working capital, business agility, turnaround time and enhance user experience as users deserve their own customized personalized journeys. 
Our deep tier financing capability empowers you to unlock existing liquidity and earn new revenue by extending credit to your supplier’s suppliers. In addition,  the Tallyx 3FI marketplace enables you to fund your supply chain via third parties such as Banks, Financial Institutions, Investors or via Securitization.


Programmable and Brandable Toki

A new type of autonomous blockchain powered smart asset backed token (Toki) to improve interoperability and enjoy brandable enhancements to take on diverse needs such as deep tier finance, portfolio based lending, syndication and securitization that is specific for your industry

Deep Tier Finance

Enhance your brand and infuse liquidity by extending digital credit deep into your supply chain. Unlock existing liquidity and earn new revenue by extending credit to your supplier’s suppliers.

Digital Draft / Smart Contracts

Our blockchain powered smart contracts and digital drafts ensure that all events in the supply chain finance life cycle are automatically executed, such as beneficiaries getting paid at maturity without having to present the digital draft to the bank.

Best SCF Match for Suppliers

In the 2Cash marketplace, Anchors can offer their suppliers different SCF programs to meet their varying needs,  all in one place.

Digital SCF Marketplace

Maximize efficiency through our flexible marketplace that blends available treasury cash with bank and non-bank funding sources. We also support securitization for trade assets.

3FI Marketplace

Provide you with additional bank-based committed and un-committed capital pool options to fund those suppliers that you are unable to fund yourself through a revolving line of credit or approved payables financing.

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