Supercharge your Supply Chain Finance

with the best in technology, Digital Tools and SCF Programs that allow you to adapt your supply chain financing to support the shifting sands of global trade, build sustainability and gain competitive edge


Deep Tier Finance with Cross Border Capability

Our ability to offer deep tier finance via ur Bank Approved Payable Draft Toki provides a unique opportunity for increased interest yield, whilst providing funding to deep tier suppliers at very competitive rates.  

Our cross border capability enhances the ability to leverage increased revenue from cross border interest rate arbitrage as well as FX.

Digital Draft / Smart Contracts

Our blockchain powered smart contracts and digital drafts ensure that all events in the supply chain finance life cycle are automatically executed, such as due date payments and automated handling of credit notes

Onboarding Made Easy

Onboard all of the anchor buyers’ suppliers, with the ability to white-list those suppliers that are eligible for bank funding, thereby enabling the white-listed suppliers to move seamlessly between buyer funded and bank funded capital pools. Our digital on-boarding is highly configurable and enables us to customize the workflow, meet compliance regulation and collect mandatory documents for each country.

Choice of SCF Programs

Ability to setup several “programs” for the same buyer based on supplier geography and segment in order to maximize yield (e.g.: Emerging Market expected yield would be very different than developed markets). 

Best In Tech

Machine Learning, Trade Bot, Blockchain

Funders get access to a much larger pool of financeable assets through better packaging of trade assets and their associated risk via our blockchain tokenization and Yogi AI tech.

Artificial Intelligence based recommendation engine helps to zero in on personalized and relevant data.

Future Platform Today

Future platform today at very low entry cost (hosted SaaS model) with all the benefits of transparency, efficiency, real-time audit and fraud reduction that is provided with our blockchain and AI based platform.  While we support fiat settlement today, we already have support for Crypto settlement typically via government or bank backed stable coins.

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