Improve your working capital and

maximize your treasury yield

Tallyx enables early payment through our 2Cash Marketplace where approved payables for your suppliers can be discounted for early payment.  We enable sliding rates for you to maximize your treasury yield for dynamic discounting programs.  
Tallyx goes beyond traditional early payment program through our unique Commercial Approved Payable Draft (CAPD) that supports deep tier financing of your extended supply chain.

How it Works

  • Early Payment Plus
  • Commercial Approved Payable Drafts
  • Approved Payable Finance
  • In Roadmap

The Tallyx ‘Early Payment Plus’ allows suppliers to request early payment against one or more invoices and offers a discount rate that is acceptable to the Anchor.

Identify Qualified Suppliers

To be a part of the Early Payment Program

Set EP Policy

Set Funding Limit and Multi-Release Schedule

Upload Approved Payables

Perform eligibility check, apply credit notes

Auto-Accept Offers

Based on EP Policy and meet Minimum Yield

Arrange Early Payment

AEP file updates ERP System

Commercial Approved Payable Drafts (CAPD) represent the Anchor Buyer's digital obligation to pay or a “digital credit” issued to the Tier 1 Supplier, against the approved payables invoices.

Identify Suppliers qualified for CAPD

Suppliers indicate their interest in CAPD

Set Policy

Set rates for Tier 1 and Deep Tier Suppliers

Upload Approved Payables

Receives acknowledgment with adjusted maturity date

Manually Approve CAPD Requests

Send to Supplier Wallet

Review Discounting Requests

Deep Tier converts CAPD to cash

Pay Beneficiaries at Maturity

Pay respective draft holders on due date

Approved Payable Finance is a buyer-led program that allows the Anchor Buyer's suppliers to access liquidity through Receivable Purchase. The Supplier receives a discounted amount, before maturity date, at an attractive rate that is aligned with the creditworthiness of the Anchor Buyer.

Identify Qualified Suppliers

Work with bank to select suppliers for SCF Program

Upload Approved Payables

Receive acknowledgment with adjusted maturity date

Supplier Request Financing

Bank approves receivables purchase and will send payment

Buyer Pays At Maturity

Bank debits Buyer to pay off discount and remit remaining to the supplier

Receivable Finance

It is an arrangement whereby a business uses its receivables to gain immediate cash. It can be through sale of receivables or secured line of credit on a one-time or continuous basis.

Distributor Finance

Distributor Finance is the provision of financing for a distributor of a large manufacturer to cover the holding of goods for re-sale and to bridge the liquidity gap until the receipt of funds from receivables following the sale of goods to a retailer or end-customer.

Pre-shipment Finance

Enables you to extend credit to the exporters prior to shipment of goods for the execution of the export order. Later once goods are shipped, it can be converted to post-shipment finance.

Syndication and Securitization

Reverse factoring where the trade assets are pooled to create a securitized offering – resulting in lower cost of borrowing across a broader base of investors including retail investors.


We extend your active supply chain finance base via our instant digital onboarding tools, performing KYC and sanction screening on over 250mm corporations around the globe. We enable you to get extended payment terms and better control over your supply chain, while your suppliers gain access to inclusive finance at reasonable rates. What is unique about our proposition is we allow your cash-rich Tier 1 suppliers, who do not participate in your SCF programs, an incentive to extend liquidity on a cashless basis into their respective supply chains, through our APD Tokis.
Tallyx can provide additional functionality that existing programs do not offer such as digital drafts that enable deep tier finance. For buyers, this means that their extended supply chain now gets funded.
  • Buyers benefit from our 1Globe approach that ensures that their suppliers have a one stop shop to connect to multiple funders (corporate, bank, NBFI) and programs.
  • Our branded Token ensures that large anchor buyers can extend the functionality of our token to add industry specific logic and data that pertains to their supply chain, including carbon neutrality, sustainability and other CSR goals.
  • Corporates’ Avatar (reputation score) ensures that corporates digital track records are accurately reflected and good behavior can be rewarded by lower interest rates.
  • We provide digital tools to create and manage smart contracts that define their future commercial relationships
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