Extend anchor client proposition to medium and smaller suppliers in the long tail both domestic and cross-border

An anchor’s supply chain has many levels of suppliers. Some Tier 1 suppliers have access to affordable financing, but the remainder of Tier 1 and deeper tier suppliers might have difficulty getting readily available cash. It is difficult for them to provide evidence to the bank that they are connected to the anchor enterprise or lack ability to show their creditworthiness through traditional means. With the innovative use of blockchain we have created an ecosystem where we can leverage closed loop digital credits.

How it Works

  • Approved Payable Finance Plus
  • Bank Approved Payable Draft
  • Onboarding
  • In Roadmap

We provide funders the ability to offer Approved Payable Financing, which is financing against confirmed receivables that were approved by a reputable buyer with a highly reliable credit rating. The receivables are assigned to the financier when financed, based on a non-recourse purchase agreement with the credit risk allocated against buyers.

Buyer Uploads Approved Payables

Send acknowledgment with adjusted maturity date

Process Uploaded Payables and Notify Suppliers

Perform eligibility check, apply credit notes

Process Supplier’s Discounting Requests

Support Auto & Manual Discount

At Maturity, debit buyers

Remit remainder to supplier

Bank Approved Payable Draft (BAPD) is an Extension of APF program. The digital credit or BAPD is result of the Tier 1 supplier requesting the funder to issue a Digital Credit rather than simply discounting a set of approved receivables. The Digital Draft is paperless, more secure (encrypted) and provides improved transparency and accountability in supply chain finance.

Draft Owners

  • Draft OwnerDraft OwnerDraft OwnerDraft Owner
  • Funder

Receive Draft Payment

In your Tallyx Wallet (by invitation)

Option 1: Discount Draft

Use Draft to get cash

Option 2: Pay Upstream

Use Draft to pay your suppliers

Option 3: Get Paid at Maturity

No need to present Draft, it is digital

Buyer Uploads Approved Payables

Send acknowledgment with adjusted maturity date

Process Uploaded Payables and Notify Suppliers

Perform eligibility check, apply credit notes

Approve Supplier’s
Draft Issuance Requests

Draft is pushed to Supplier’s mobile wallet

Process Draft Discounting Requests

Deep Tier Supplier turns draft to cash

At Draft Maturity Pay
Non-discounted Draft

Remind beneficiary to verify payment instruction

Our digital onboarding is highly configurable and enables us to customize the workflow and mandatory documents for each country.

Set up Campaign

Tracks Adoption of Supplier Onboarding

Supplier Accepts Invitation

Perform KYB/KYC Compliance

Review Application

Complete Due Diligence

Add Supplier into Supply Chain Program

Receivable Finance

It is an arrangement whereby a business uses its receivables to gain immediate cash. It can be through sale of receivables or secured line of credit on a one-time or continuous basis.

Distributor Finance

Distributor Finance is the provision of financing for a distributor of a large manufacturer to cover the holding of goods for re-sale and to bridge the liquidity gap until the receipt of funds from receivables following the sale of goods to a retailer or end-customer.

Pre-shipment Finance

Enables you to extend credit to the exporters prior to shipment of goods for the execution of the export order. Later once goods are shipped, it can be converted to post-shipment finance.

Syndication and Securitization

Reverse factoring where the trade assets are pooled to create a securitized offering – resulting in lower cost of borrowing across a broader base of investors including retail investors.


  • Increased Market Reach - extend reach by Lite Touch Onboarding of deep tier while maintaining compliance with country’s payment laws (full onboarding only required for Buyer and Tier 1) to service your Anchors better and improve their credit utilization (average utilization globally is only 11%)
  • Increased Financing Opportunities without Additional Risk - underlying assets based on Tier 1 Suppliers’ approved invoices, which have a backing of Payment Obligation from a reputable Anchor Buyer
  • Better Business Insight on Supply Chain of Tier 1 Suppliers - which enables (i) better risk management on Tier 1 suppliers; and (ii) potential to provide additional value added services
  • Additional Revenue - (i) discounting rate of APD can be higher than those of Tier 1 suppliers’; (ii) service fee for APD to each subsequent tier provides an additional revenue stream
  • Lite Touch Implementation for Deep Tier - only requires downloading the Tallyx Wallet APP, driving ease of use and adoption.

Yes, similar in concept, as they are both a “Promise to Pay”. However our APD has the following four advantages:

APD (Tallyx)
One Bank (buyer’s) involved - cut intermediary
Many banks involved (split & transfer)
Buyer Bank takes all financing opportunities
Provided by local banks in supplier’s country
Digital (Toki & Wallet)
Less risk, efficient, cost effective
Paper Instrument
Prone to fraud
Buyer bank - total control & visibility on APD
to deep tiered suppliers 
Visibility into BOE only on local bank level
Unlike Blockchain Consortia based platforms, Tallyx enables funders and their corporate clients to build competitive differentiation through adaptation and customization of the platform rather than the one size fits all model of the consortia. It also allows funders and corporates to create bespoke marketplaces for funding the supply chain, thereby putting both the funder and corporates in control. Some of the key differentiators are:
  • Low cost of entry with our cloud hosted platform
  • Support for Tokenization means only one real time version of the truth unlike existing consortia which require reconciliation of data and information across a variety of platforms
  • Decentralized nature means that data is owned by stakeholders and reduces data theft and misuse while enforcing privacy
  • Interoperability of the Toki token across marketplaces means that funders can use it as the base platform with which to deal with all other networks
  • Efficient integration into our Toki token that goes beyond just simple API
  • Flexibility in price setting and price discovery to ensure that the entire supply chain gets funded
  • Lite Touch Onboarding, optimizing KYC of the long tail of suppliers via self-service
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