Turn your receivables into cash and digital credit,

and your performance into bankable digital reputation

We offer suppliers the ability to turn receivables to cash either through dynamic discounting, or a digital credit in the form of an Approved Payable Draft Token that can be used to pay upstream suppliers. Additionally, our 3FI Marketplace enables both banks and non-bank funders to finance your receivables on a global basis. 
Approved Payable Draft Tokens enable deep tier finance that simply uses outstanding payables from your anchor buyers as a digital credit to enable you to pay your upstream suppliers without actually laying out cash.  In turn your suppliers can extend this fractionally  to their upstream suppliers and beyond, thus injecting deep-tier liquidity.

Key Benefits

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Bank Your

Tallyx will tokenize your corporate identity and accurately reflect your supply chain performance through a reputation score, ultimately lowering your cost of finance.

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Benefits of an

SCF program

You can use our digital draft, not just as a cash flow tool, but also to negotiate with your trading partners. Use our digital draft to extend payment terms with your upstream suppliers.

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Convert receivables to cash on demand at reasonable rates of interest via just three clicks.

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One Portal
Many Funders

Our 1Globe platform ensures that you can work with multiple buyers and multiple funders through a single portal for all of your receivable financing needs.

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An inclusive and borderless marketplace that offers your business a variety of working capital options, coupled with the ability to further fund your upstream suppliers

How it Works

  • Early Payments
  • Approved Payable Draft, Commercial & Bank
  • Approved Payable Finance
  • In Roadmap

We enable you to bid for early payment discounts through our 2Cash Marketplace - from your anchor buyer, by offering a discount rate that matches or is better than your opportunity cost of funding. We enable you to request funding on a portfolio basis by clubbing multiple invoices into a single financing request, making the process simple and efficient.

Review Confirmed Invoices

Already uploaded by buyers

Select Invoices

Add or remove from system’s recommendation

Set Your Offer Rate

System remembers your last offer

Get Your Payment

Once offer is accepted by buyers

Approved payable drafts represent a digital obligation to pay or a “digital credit” resulting out of a set of approved payable invoices that is extended to the Tier 1 supplier. Commercial Drafts (CAPD) are issued by Anchor Buyers and Bank Drafts (BAPD) are issued by Banks.

Receive Draft Payment

In your Tallyx Wallet (by invitation)

Option 1: Discount Draft

Use Draft to get cash

Option 2: Pay Upstream

Use Draft to pay your suppliers

Option 3: Get Paid at Maturity

No need to present Draft, it is digital

Review Confirmed Invoices

Already uploaded by buyers

Enter Draft Amt & Maturity Date

System will automatically select invoices

Get Digital Draft

Sent to your digital wallet, once approved by buyers

Pay Upstream

Use Draft to pay your suppliers

Buyer Uploads Approved Payables

Send acknowledgment with adjusted maturity date

Process Uploaded Payables and Notify Suppliers

Perform eligibility check, apply credit notes

Approve Supplier’s
Draft Issuance Requests

Draft is pushed to Supplier’s mobile wallet

Process Draft Discounting Requests

Deep Tier Supplier turns draft to cash

At Draft Maturity Pay
Non-discounted Draft

Remind beneficiary to verify payment instruction

Approved Payable Finance allows you to request financing through receivables purchase of your buyer confirmed invoices. Specify your wanted amount and the system will find the right set of invoices to match your cash flow requirement.

Choose Fundable Assets

From system recommended list, grouped by funders and currency, decide which funder you want funds from

Indicate Adjusted Finance Amount

Auto select invoices based on your desired amount

Review Financial Proposal

View net proceeds, accept or shop around for better options

Get Payment

Once bank approves the purchase of receivables

Receivable Finance

It is an arrangement whereby a business uses its receivables to gain immediate cash. It can be through sale of receivables or secured line of credit on a one-time or continuous basis.

Distributor Finance

Distributor Finance is the provision of financing for a distributor of a large manufacturer to cover the holding of goods for re-sale and to bridge the liquidity gap until the receipt of funds from receivables following the sale of goods to a retailer or end-customer.

Pre-shipment Finance

Enables you to extend credit to the exporters prior to shipment of goods for the execution of the export order. Later once goods are shipped, it can be converted to post-shipment finance.

Syndication and Securitization

Reverse factoring where the trade assets are pooled to create a securitized offering – resulting in lower cost of borrowing across a broader base of investors including retail investors.


In addition to early payment discounts, we provide a 3FI Marketplace where we bring banks and NBFIs to provide a revolving line of credit or approved payable financing for your invoices. You may be setup in a pre-arranged “Program” with a preset funding rate with one or more funders, in which case you determine which funder you would like to apply for financing from.  In addition to pre-set Programs we also offer an open 3FI Marketplace where you can bid for financing by offering the discount rate you are willing to pay.

In lieu of discounting your receivables, we offer you the ability to request a transferable digital credit facility also known as a Commercial Approved Payable Draft (CAPD). The request is much the same as an early payment request; however, instead of receiving the funds immediately, you can use the digital token to pay one or more upstream suppliers or decide to use a portion of the digital credit to request early payment to meet your own working capital needs.
Under this scheme the CAPD Toki will be registered in your wallet and you can then do three simple things:
  • Request early payment (full or partial)
  • Make payment to an upstream beneficiary
  • Wait for due date (wallet provides due date notification)
Very similar to the Commercial Approved Payable Draft, banks on our 3FI Marketplace can provide a Bank Approved Payable Draft (BAPD) which is similar in concept to the Approved Payable Financing, in that the Bank takes the responsibility of collecting from the buyer leaving you free to discount or assign all or part of the BAPD to one or more upstream suppliers.
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